Today Oct 27, 2021
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Pulmonary Embolism: Key Considerations for Anticoagulant Therapy

Tuesday Nov 16, 2021
Event Time 12:15 - 12:45 PM ET
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Event Faculty

Christian T. Ruff, MD, MPH

Director of General Cardiology, Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Senior Investigator, TIMI Study Group
Associate Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School
Boston, MA

Learning Objectives
Describe the disease burden, affected populations, and risk factors (RFs) for pulmonary embolism (PE). 
Outline practice guidelines regarding the use of anticoagulation for PE.
Review key considerations in developing a treatment plan for patients with PE that incorporates oral anticoagulant agents.

Program Description
PE is a cause of death of approximately 300,000 Americans per year, and its incidence and prevalence has risen over the years. Treatment is comprised of multiple phases, including initial management, primary treatment, and secondary prevention, all of which are time points where anticoagulation therapy may be considered. In recent years, new agents have emerged, and additional research is underway. Given its serious and debilitating consequences, clinicians need to stay abreast on how to best manage PE. Here, we present a quick-fire exchange with a leading expert in this therapeutic field covering up-to-date considerations on how to manage PE using anticoagulant therapy.

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