Today Jun 14, 2021
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Statin Wars: Leading Experts Weigh In

Tuesday Jun 29, 2021
Event Time 12:15 - 12:45 PM ET
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Event Faculty

Rita F. Redberg, MD, MSc, FACC

Professor of Medicine
Araxe Vilensky Endowed Chair in Cardiology
Faculty, Philip R Lee Institute for Health Policy Studies
Editor, JAMA Internal Medicine
Director, Inquiry Program
UCSF Division of Cardiology
San Francisco, CA

Nearly one-fourth of American adults take lipid-lowering statin medications. However, more people may be eligible. Statin Wars continue to be underway over whether statins should be used not just for the secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease (CVD), but also primary prevention. Here, two leading experts weigh in on their perspectives on both sides of this continuously heated topic.

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