Today Sep 22, 2021

The Many Faces of Depression: A Case-Based Module on Best Practices for Clinical Assessment and Diagnosis


Learning Objectives
*Outline clinical challenges associated with missed or incorrect diagnoses of depression. 
*Recognize signs and symptoms of depression that should prompt further evaluation. 
*Review secondary causes of depression and how to evaluate them. 
*Summarize the diagnostic work-up and initial steps in developing a treatment plan for depression. 

Program Description
Depressive symptoms are prevalent amongst patients presenting to clinicians in the primary care setting. Screening, assessment, and management of patients with depression require an ability to evaluate patients for secondary causes of depression. For example, conditions such as hypothyroidism, Parkinson’s disease, and iron deficiency may lead to depressive symptoms. The proper identification of the underlying etiology and thereby correct diagnosis of patients is critical toward providing effective treatments toward managing these potentially debilitating symptoms. Here, we present an online learning module comprised of 3 clinical cases that enable learners to assess and manage patients with depressive symptoms, including those who may have secondary causes of depression.